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Daily Wear

These especially soft, disposable lenses are only worn once, so they're ideal as a reserve or for temporary use, like for playing sports. These lenses also offer optimal hygiene. They don't require cleaning or disinfection, and you won't have to deal with the inconvenience of caring for and storing them.


We carry daily lenses from the following manufacturers:

  • Brand 1
  • Brand 2
  • Brand 3


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Call us at +1 631 369-1650 or use our contact form.

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We are open from:

TUES/WED/FRIDAY 10:30-6:00

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Sunday and Monday  Closed


COMPLETE PAIR OF GLASSES, FRAME AND SV PLASTIC LENSES STARTING AT ONLY $58.   $100 OFF A COMPLETE PAIR OF SUNGLASSES (see store for detials)  Eyeglass exames $35 ($50) CTL exams $89 ($125) Prices good til 11/21/2018.  Our office Hours for 11/20 will be 10:30-6 and 11/21 10:30-5pm.  Closed 11/22. Open 11/23 11am-5:45pm.

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